3 Easy Ways To Install WordPress Plugin

Install WordPress Plugin

Installing a WordPress plugin is extremely easy. In this post, I will show you how to install WordPress Plugin in three easy ways. You can use any of the ways that suit you.

One of the amazing things about WordPress is you can do almost everything you want by using WordPress Plugins. A Plugin helps you to add a specific feature to your blog according to your needs. WordPress has thousands of plugins in its directory and third-party sites. Plugins will make your blogging life easier.

There are plenty of screenshots have been used to guide you through the process. Should you run into any trouble or have any feedback on how we can improve this, drop me a comment.

Here are the 3 ways to install WordPress plugin:

1. Install WordPress Plugin via Search Method

This is the easiest way of installing a WordPress plugin. But the plugin you are going to install must be in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Now go to your WordPress Dashboard, Click on Plugins > Add New. Type the name of the plugin on Search Box and click ‘Enter’ on your keyboard.

Most of the time your desired plugin will be in the first place of the list. For example, I search for the plugin ‘BackWPup – WordPress Backup Plugin’. It’s in the first place. Then click on “Install Now” button.

search wordpress plugin

WordPress will download and install the plugin automatically. Now you need to activate the plugin. Just click on “Activate Plugin” link.

activate backwpup plugin

Up to this point, your WordPress database has not been modified by the plugin, nor does the plugin have any access to your WordPress database. This is similar to uploading the plugin folder in your wp-content/plugin directory. Only when you activate the plugin, will it have access to your database.

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2. Install a WordPress Plugin via Upload Method

If your desired plugin is not in the WordPress Directory because it’s a Premium Plugin or a non-GPL plugin then you have to use upload method.

At first, you need to download the plugin from the source. The plugin will be in a .zip format. Now go to WordPress Admin Panel and click on Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.

Upload Plugin

Then you will be asked to choose a file. Choose the plugin file from your computer and click on “Install Now”.

upload thirsty affiliate plugin

Now you will be taken to the plugin activation page. Just click on “Activate Plugin” link.

Once you’ve activated the plugin, configure the setting according to your needs. The setting options vary plugin to plugin. Normally you will get the plugin setting option under Appearance, Tools or Settings tab in your admin panel. Some plugins add a new tab on your panel from where you can configure settings.

3. Install a WordPress Plugin via FTP Manager

This is something that I don’t recommend to a newbie. If you can install the plugin from WordPress dashboard, then don’t use this method. In case if you can’t install WordPress plugin from the dashboard, then using FTP Manager is the best way.

At first, you have to set up FTP client to upload files. Once you’ve connected to FTP server, you will find your Computer files on the left side and server files on the right side. Plugin file will be located on /wp-content/plugins/.

Now download the plugin, unzip it and upload the unzipped file to the server. Just drag the file and drop it into the plugin folder. To get plugin folder go to public_html > yourdomain.com > wp-content > plugins.

upload wp plugin via ftp

It will take some time to upload the file. After uploading the file, go to Dashboard > Plugins > Installed Plugins and activate the plugin.

Hope this post helped you to install WordPress plugin. If you found this post useful, please help me by sharing this post on your social media platforms.

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