How to Start a Free Blog in 2017 (Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners)

free blogging platforms in 2017

I want to share with you how to create a free blog to make money online.

You have many ideas in your mind and wants to share with the audience and do not know how to share them. If you are struggling to write and find a free blogging platform for yourself.

Then I think you have dropped to the right place because I will be sharing with you a number of free blogging platforms where you can actually blog for free.

Here are some of the most popular blog categories.

popular blog categories

Here are today’s major blogging platforms. These are all available for your consideration as you start your blog.

  1. (Free)
  2. Blogger (Free)
  3. Tumblr (Free)
  4. Weebly (Free)
  5. Livejournal (Free)

To help you make the best choice regarding your blogging platform, each platform is explained in detail below.

Free Blogging Platforms

Here, you’ll find a full list of blogging platforms that you can choose from, along with several important points about each one.

The blogging platform you select is very important. You’ll be using it for a long time!



WordPress is one of the top free used blogging platform. Millions of bloggers start their career of blogging with it and some of them turn into huge bloggers. When I was a beginner in the field of blogging, I also started with



It is almost as popular as and is also one of the best and oldest free blogging platforms. To access blogger you need to have an account at because is owned by the Google and is also considered as one of the best services of Google.



Weebly is famous for its drag and drop features which they provide while making the website or blog or store. There are also tons of templates available which you can use easily.



Tumblr is known for its fast services like just after creating the content can you start your blogging. The best thing which attracts towards this platform is the tutorials provided by the Tumblr and many bloggers which make this platform easy to use.



Livejournal is one of the platforms where you can blog for free. The blog created here can act more like a newspaper. Like blogger and WordPress no templates are provided here. The blog created on the Livejournal can be easily connected with the social Media like Twitter, Google+, Facebook and some other social networks, which can be considered good for the visibility.

That’s a wrap on the biggest free blogging platforms in 2017.

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